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Three months ago I finished those mlp rigs, and I tried to animate them. The result was bad…

I realized that my models were horrible. So I decided to redo everything from scratch.

This time I embraced the cartoony style of the show and everything is looking much better.

Here’s my first animation test with the new rig:

Damn, that’s definitely about as perfect as can be. Wow <3

Except maybe for the ears ‘curling’ …i think they’d be more likely to fold down from the base rather than flaccify, if they’re anything like real horse ears. (Pardon my unsolicited critique.)

one day, i wish to do this thing..

Rambling'z of zed


hmmm i feel like Ive drifted into obscurity with most of my internet friends that I’m just a background character. i dont know how too feel about this. man I’m a bland ass pile of gay furry junk soo obscure to the eyes of everyone. I don’t know if this is a sign to figure something out. well since…

i know this fel zed, though problembs are that i may have more to talk to, not many of them talk to me as privately anymore, sure, i get into chats and its jut like “SHARPIE! :D!” and thats it, not many message me personally wanting to talk, i’ve had to seek some out in order to talk, there are some that care to message and such like that, but others, sometimes i feel distant.

Don’t forget, i’m the cause of awhole group splitting, people hating me and blah blah blah, wither it be for dumb reasons or not.. i miss those people.

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